Real Estate / Property Law

The real estate market in Gainesville and much of the rest of Florida is once again booming, and clients from residential homeowners, condominium owners, and commercial tenants are finding themselves in need of legal counsel concerning real estate and property laws.  Real estate and property law attorneys handle a wide range of real estate and property law issues, including the following:

Buying or Selling Property

Today’s real estate market is competitive and volatile. You need experienced representation to protect your interests each step of the way in a real estate transaction.  Buying and selling property in both commercial and residential markets is more complex than ever before.

A real estate lawyer will represent you at all phases of these transactions, including preparation and review of:

  • Land surveys
  • Real estate purchase and sale agreements
  • Deed restrictions
  • Closing documents
  • Financing documents

Throughout all stages of your residential or commercial real estate transaction, from purchase to lending all the way to closing, your real estate lawyer will ensure your interests are fully represented.

Construction Law

The active nature of Florida’s construction industry presents unique legal challenges and requires the assistance of a skilled property law attorney.  A wide range of clients associated with the construction industry will seek the help of a construction law attorney, including owners, builders, developers, general contractors, architects, and engineer. Some matters that a construction law attorney can assist in include: construction contracts; claims negotiation; construction liens; entity development; construction litigation; real estate acquisition; and land use.

Landlord-Tenant and Leasing Transactions and Disputes

Real estate law is not limited to purchase and sales transactions.  Legal services are also provided to landlords, tenants, developers, and lenders involved in both residential and commercial leasing transactions and disputes.  Real estate attorneys can assist in all lease transactions, including negotiation, preparation, and review of lease documents, as well as due diligence for triple net or gross leases in commercial communities and developments. 

When disagreements arise, a licensed and experienced real estate law litigator will prove vital in furthering your cause.  Real estate attorneys often litigate legal disputes arising from the following:

  • Eviction proceedings
  • Ejectment proceedings
  • Foreclosures
  • Non-payment disputes
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Non-compliance and default disputes

Land Use and Zoning

Developers will often run into land use and zoning issues.  A real estate lawyer can offer assistance in matters ranging from rezoning, development agreements, redevelopment, comprehensive plan amendments, developments of regional impact, establishment of community development districts, variances and permitting, mixed use projects, subdivision and platting, exceptions or special uses, impact fee issues, environmental, water-related, and coastal permitting, historic preservation approvals, and other significant zoning or land use concerns. 

Mediation and Arbitration Services

Real estate and property law litigation is both expensive and risky.  Mediation and arbitration offers a viable alternative to resolving some disputes without incurring lengthy and protracted litigation.  This dispute resolution method can be efficient, cost-effective, and minimize legal uncertainties.

Selecting the right mediator or arbitrator is crucial. The skilled negotiators at our Gainesville property law firm possess the knowledge, experience, and training to successfully mediate fair and reasonable arbitration awards.  We can litigate a wide array of real estate related disputes.

Mortgage Law

The process of financing your residential or commercial property can be complex and necessitate the assistance of a licensed real estate lawyer.  A real estate attorney will counsel you on:

  • Drafting and recording mortgage, loan, and related documents for real property owners as well as lenders
  • Advising clients on the existence and impact of real property liens
  • Resolving encumbrance, lien or other clean title issues
  • Performing all other functions related to mortgage law

In addition to financing as well as refinancing, you can obtain assistance with securing second mortgages, lines of credit, workouts, modifications, and short sales.  When needed, mortgage law attorneys can also assist clients facing possible challenges requiring judicial intervention, including forbearance, mortgage assumptions, deeds in lieu of foreclosures, and repayment agreements.

Real Estate Closings

When purchasing or selling a residential or commercial home, you need a law firm you can trust to handle all the closing and escrow needs associated with such a transaction.  From preparation and review of all necessary documentation to representation at the closing table, real estate attorneys provide clients with the benefit of their extensive legal experience. 

Real Estate Disputes and Litigation

In the world of residential and commercial property, dealing with disputes comes with the territory.  Real estate attorneys represent realtors, mortgage brokers, lenders, sellers, borrowers, lessors, lessees, and property owners in the Gainesville housing market regarding a full spectrum of real estate litigation, including:

  • Commission disputes
  • Commercial and residential foreclosures
  • Eminent domain
  • Evictions
  • Property and coverage claims
  • Purchase and pre-construction agreements
  • Quiet title litigation
  • Property development disputes
  • Commercial and residential landlord-tenant disputes
  • Real estate contract disputes
  • Title insurance disputes
  • Receivership actions

For your litigation needs, be sure to engage our Gainesville real estate attorneys with years of experience advocating on behalf of our valued clients. 

Title Insurance

A carefully executed and well prepared title examination, which includes a review and analysis of easements, covenants, and restrictions affecting real property, is vital to protecting your interests.  Be sure to obtain the assistance of a licensed and authorized real estate law firm who understands the constantly evolving nature of title insurance legislation and will complete your title search with due diligence.  Title disputes can delay a real estate transaction, so act quickly and start the title examination process as soon as possible.

For All of Your Real Estate and Property Law Needs

Whether you need assistance buying and selling property, developing a construction project, resolving a land use issue, or closing on a home, our Gainesville real estate and property law attorneys can help.  To schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Gainesville Real Estate and Property Law Attorneys, call our law office today.